Join the Justice League in your Hawkgirl Costume

Hawkgirl CostumeBecome a member of the Justice League of America and help fight the super villains in your Hawkgirl Costume. Now you can be the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and work side by side with Hawkman to defeat evil and restore justice.

Shiera Sanders Hall was once upon a time Princess Chay-Ara, an Egyptian member of royalty who ruled centuries ago. Chay-Ara and her prince, Khufu, were attacked by the cruel Egyptian priest, Hath-set, with a cursed dagger forged from an alien material called Nth metal. The unusual qualities of the knife created a special bond between the princess and the prince causing them to be reincarnated many times throughout the centuries.

Lady Celia Penbrook in 5th Century Britain as the partner of the medieval hero, the Silent Knight, was one of her incarnations. Kate Manser, also known as Cinnamon, and crime fighting partner of the Old West gunslinger Nighthawk, and Sheila Carr who worked along side Pinkerton detective James Wright were her incarnations before she finally became Shiera Sanders in her Hawkgirl Costume.

Hawkgirl joined Hawkman as part of the team of superheroes known as the Justice Society of America, later becoming the Justice League. She was granted her own special Hawkgirl Costume which included a belt made of the strange Nth metal with its gravity-defying properties.

Hawgirl gets her powers from the belt she wears made of the Nth metal. The belt has a number of electromagnetic/gravitational properties which respond to Hawkgirl’s thoughts. The belt grants her the power of flight, superhuman strength, super-acute vision and an enhanced healing/regeneration ability.

Hawkgirl has advanced hand-to-hand combat skills and prefers to use a spear as a weapon. She also uses swords, axes, warhammers and shields. She has been exposed to the Nth metal on her belt for so long that she retains the ability to hover in the air even when not wearing the belt.

At one time, Hawkgirl joined the Female Furies, a group of female warriors who included such members as Bloody Mary with her energy-draining eye beams, Mad Harriet with her razor-sharp claws, Lashina who uses telekinetically controlled steel bands and Stompa who can cause earthquakes by stamping her feet.

Hawk girl appears in her Hawkgirl Costume as a super villain in the animated movie “Justice League: Crises on Two Earths” as Angelique, an evil version of Hawkgirl who is a member of the Crime Syndicate of America.

Hawkgirl also appears as a playable character in the video games, “Justice League: Injustice for All”, “Justice League: Chronicles” and “Justice League Heroes”. She also appears in Sony’s multi-player online role playing game, “DC Universe Online”.

The Justice League DC Comics Hawkgirl Child Costume is a Yellow, Red and Green jumpsuit with tie in back, plastic Hawkgirl headpiece, light foam wings with elastic straps and belt. There is white netting up the neck and shoulders and attached light foam shoe covers.

The Hawkgirl Costume is an officially licensed Justice League costume so you know you will have the authentic look when you take flight this Halloween.


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